Saturday, February 4, 2017

Life through the Lens of Purpose


     When I was young, I always thought in my mind that I was being punished with trials and tribulations because of my sins. As I got older and wiser, I realized that God sometimes allows troubles and problems to come into a person’s life in order to build  character. Reading my bible, I realized that the Joseph who was thrown into the pit by his brothers was not the same Joseph who became a ruler in Egypt. I finally GOT IT. I want to encourage you that  everything you are going through now will give you greater testimony. The bible is a great resource that allows one to tap into the power of God and The Holy Spirit within you.

   I spent some part of my life wandering why am here, and why certain things happened to me and why me? It was a foggy place to be, moving from one thing to the other. I fell into people please trap. Wanting to be liked by others, looking for happiness through others when in fact, the happiness dwells within me.

Then, one day, it all made sense. I realized, I had been held hostage when I did not know purpose. I was running around in search of answers when the answers where steering right at me. I stopped the guess game and went right  to my Maker for answers.

   I can boldly tell you that I am here to encourage, inspire and motivate millions to discover, serve and fulfill their God given purpose. To raise God’s sleeping giants, to serve their gifts to the world. Many have been asking for answers to certain problems. Well you may just be steering at the carrier of that answer right in the mirror. Do you know why you are here? Are you serving that why to the world? Do you have dreams that need to be released. Lets connect and make it happen. 

My assignment is to help you succeed in yours.  Walk in your purpose, walk in all of your dreams, walk in your future, walk in your destiny.

You will definitely be motivated to step into your destiny!